What we believe in

We believe that in order to improve long-term mental performance one has to care about their body’s dietary needs. Having worked with leading food-scientists over the last decade we knew that highly-caffeinated & sugary drinks are not adding anything to that. Instead we have to shift to healthier ingredients that support the body and mind in the long run. Because we didn’t see anything like that on the market we decided to create eNgage and base it only on the most powerful and safe natural ingredients available. 


Our Story

Having worked for the biggest drink development company in the world, we were quite surpised that there was no product available that helped with concentration & energy without simultaneously providing a feeling of nervousness or anxiety (which is mainly caused by high amounts of sugar and caffeine that you find in energy drinks). Even though powerful natural nootropics are openly available on the market they were just not used.

The reason: When you put proper amounts of these nootropics into a drink you end up having extremely high production costs. This alone makes such a drink not suitable for selling in the biggest beverage channel – the retail.

We were convinced that there are people like us out there that are looking for a premium, focus-enhancing drink like this. That’s why we decided to go the unconvential way of selling our focus-enhancing drinks exclusively online.

This way we save on distributors, and retail fees and can put this extra money where it matters most – the quality of our drinks. 

Experience the difference of natural Nootropics